Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo Quotes

United States, Politician
December 6, 1957

Andrew Mark Cuomo is an American politician, author and lawyer serving as the 56th and current Governor of New York since 2011. A member of the Democratic Party, he was elected to the same position his father, Mario Cuomo, held for three terms.

  • Andrew Cuomo: I bit my tongue so many times I have tongue scars. If I wasn’t Governor of New York, I would’ve decked him. Period. He was attacking me. He was attacking my family. He was anti-Italian. He was every nasty thing.
  • Andrew Cuomo: Colleges are the canary in the coal mine, and a 3 percent infection rate is high in a congregate situation, similar to a dense urban environment where you have people taking public transportation.
  • Andrew Cuomo: If a college experiences 100 COVID cases or an outbreak equal to 5% of its population (whichever is less)—that college MUST go to remote learning for 2 weeks while the situation is evaluated.