Pope Francis

Pope Francis Quotes

Vatican, Clergyman
December 17, 1936

Pope Francis (17 December 1936) is the 266th and current Pope and sovereign of the Vatican City State. Francis is the first Jesuit pope, the first from the Americas, the first from the Southern Hemisphere, and the first pope from outside Europe since the Syrian Gregory III, who reigned in the 8th century.

  • Pope Francis: I offer an affectionate greeting to the people of the United States, shaken by the recent siege of Congress. I pray for those who lost their lives, five persons, in those dramatic moments. Nothing is gained with violence...
  • Pope Francis: I don’t know why some will say, ‘No, the vaccine is dangerous.’ But if doctors offer it to you as something that can work, that poses no special risk, why not take it? I believe that ethically everyone needs to receive the vaccine.
  • Pope Francis: The painful events that marked humanity's journey last year, especially the pandemic, taught us how much it is necessary to take an interest in the problems of others and to share their concerns.