Adam Sedgwick

Adam Sedgwick Quotes

United Kingdom, Priest
March 22, 1785January, 27, 1873.

Adam Sedgwick (/ˈsɛdʒwɪk/; 22 March 1785 – 27 January 1873) was a British priest and geologist, one of the founders of modern geology. He proposed the Devonian period of the geological timescale. Based on work which he did on Welsh rock strata, he proposed the Cambrian period in 1835, in a joint publication in which Roderick Murchison also proposed the Silurian period. Later in 1840, to resolve what later became known as the Great Devonian Controversy about rocks near the boundary between the Silurian and Carboniferous periods, he and Murchison proposed the Devonian period.

Also known as Geologist